Next Gen iPhone 2.0 - How Much Difference?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by a1dipship, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. a1dipship macrumors regular

    Jun 10, 2007
    Hello and sorry if im asking something thats been asked a million times.

    Ive just started to look at the iphone after a 100 quid price drop in the UK (buy and unlock!). Im seriously considering buying it. Im only looking to bring two devices into one. I could sell my ipod for 90 quid so a 110 quid for the device (inc. unlock cost). I dont care much about the internet - im a minimal phone user and ill check my email at home! Just want the functionality of two devices in one - and ofcourse the polish/functionality of an apple phone.

    Can someone give me a quick snapshot of what the next gen iphone will be? Is there any possibility of significant difference? Thinner? lighter? better battery life? more functionality?


    just 3G and a software update that could be applied to current iphones?

  2. jontucker macrumors 6502

    Nov 5, 2007
    Nobody really knows what the next version of the iPhone will have that the current one doesn't but if you've had to wait until the price dropped before thinking about buying the current one then I would forget about a second gen one for a good while.

    One other thing, an unlocked iPhone costs exactly the same as a locked one - just do it yourself using Ziphone, it couldn't be any easier or free-er! So get on and sell your ipod and join the club :D
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    Jun 10, 2007
    actually - i didnt realise until TODAY that you buy the phone without a contract and then activated it - OR UNLOCKED!! - it at home, otherwise id probably have considered one for £269 a long time ago. I thought you were tied in to a min. £35pm contract when you brought it from the shop. The price drop just made me take a closer look at what was possible.

    But yeah, not fussed about new stuff.... would like it to be thinner, lighter and better camera.... but two devices in one could be good enough for now.
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    Well - last time I checked this place was called not macfacts, so i'll wade in with a few guesses. (I don't have a crystal ball, future events may go up and or down etc). I'll try and back statements up.

    - Apple will broaden the line up - think different iPhone models, with the difference not just the Gb size. Evidence - rumour, but it's a good guess.
    - 3G for sure. In all new models.
    - Improved cam pixels With the Infineon chip SGold to be used, you can look at what it is able to do. It can have a cam up to 5Mpixels. It could do video, video recording. It could have a second camera for video calling (which would be a novelty in America, but not in Blighty).
    More battery life is a given. People are going to be hammering their iPhones with huge amounts of apps, its a cert. The app store = more use = more battery usage. Apple can respond to that by good battery management and a better battery.
    In terms of looks - it's likely that there will be different form in some way. (To be able to differentiate visually between device generations for example).

    In short, it depends what you call significant enough difference. Put another way, i'm waiting and there are others. Hit the 3G release date thread if you want more details, and there are others detailing information.

    Basically if you can wait 50 odd days or less, you're going to be rewarded, and the nearer the date, the more will be leaked by Apple. The prices of the iPhone and the Touch haven't followed previous Apple products really, and as shown by O2's moves. There is a market for unlocked iPhones to sell on (more valuable it seems than just bought iPhones).

    Just say if you want more details or guesses hehe :)
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    Jun 10, 2007

    i brought one yesterday :D so far so good.

    my initial feeling was thats its alittle too big, heavy and 'flashy' for my liking... but its growing on me.....

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