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May 26, 2003
Chicago area
Prediction: after this Page 2 item has made its way through the Mac rumors sites, we're going to see a Businessweek article from Charles Haddad claiming Apple is planning to introduce a "floating iPod."

Later that same day, Michael Dell will phone one of his manufacturing contractors, demanding that they produce a Dell-branded floating MP3 player.

Soon after, a message will appear on the Apple Insider message boards, bearing the subject line "CONFIRMED: Floating iPod" and containing a "photo" of said Floating iPod.

Arn will post an item on Page 2.

And the circle of life will go on and on.


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Sep 22, 2003
New York
Maybe the whole floating thing could be true,cause the could put an AIRPORT chip in it. Or do what they were rumors of a couple months ago with a new 60 GB i Pod
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