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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Platyrrhine, Mar 20, 2009.

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    Mar 20, 2009
    Hi, looking to upgrade from my original iPhone which I purchased shortly after release. I remember relatively recent rumors concerning the whole 2,1 thing found in the firmware. Was there ever anything else found to go along with this? Mainly wondering if you think it's worth waiting until June/July to see if updated hardware will indeed be released or not. Looking through the boards it seems that a large amount of people seem to be more or less certain that there will be a new version coming in June/July. What info are they basing this on?

    Also, assuming there is a new release, any clues as to what actual hardware upgrades it would include? I'm perfectly content with a 16gb hd, so if the only changes are 32gb+ sizes or different colors, I would not want to wait. With the 3.0 software upgrade on the way, (I know it's technically already here) do you think a new iPhone release this summer is likely or will that end up being the big release of the year?

    Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    People base the hardware update rumors on:

    1. The iPhone 3.0 software is scheduled to be released in June, and a simultaneous hardware and software update makes sense.

    2. The original iPhone was released in June 2007, the iPhone 3G in July 2008, so June/July 2009 would continue the current trend.

    3. There have been almost constant murmurings and rumors about the next iPhone in recent months from halfway credible sources -- if you look through the MacRumors articles, you'll find tons of them.

    There's also been rumors of the "iPhone Nano," a smaller version of iPhone. Leaked photos of cases for this model have been seen, though not authentically verified. Personally, I think Apple is planning to release BOTH products -- a smaller, cheaper model technologically equivalent to the current iPhone 3G, and a completely revamped version of the current model. You can expect the next-gen iPhone to at least have a faster processor and more memory, and probably a higher resolution screen, as well as other requested features and a bunch of stuff nobody ever thought of. The "Nano" will almost certainly be released in a variety of colors (a possibility for the next-gen model, too).

    This is all pure speculation, of course, but it falls right in line with Apple's standard MO. Release hardware, release upgrade of hardware, release mini version of hardware in colorful options alongside of full hardware upgrade, etc. You know that there will be an upgrade eventually, but right now no one knows when. I would say that if you're planning to upgrade your phone, wait until June, at least for an announcement if not an actual release, and then you can decide. You don't want to regret buying the 3G now -- think of how bad original iPhone owners got screwed (no offense intended). I think that both the hardware and software upgrades will probably slip to September.
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    ^ agreed. As of a few weeks ago, I felt like there wasn't much else comming this year for the iPhone. Then, after watching the 3.0 videos, my feelings changed. Rumors about them buying out memory and implementing multi-core CPU's has me thinking something big is comming too. You never know, the curring 3G model might turn into the basic/affordable model compared to what's comming out this summer. My prediction is that the 3G will be lowered to $99, and there will be another model twice the price and better hardware. I'm betting on video recording and a higher MP camera too. Apple seems to be satisfying everything we ever wanted since announcing 3.0.
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    Well I bought a new 3g two weeks ago. I hope i don't regret it. I had a BB curve and wanted something new so I went ahead and bought one.
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    Apple is a company who loves routine. Look at the Annual Macbook updates in October and the Annual iPod refreshes in September. It would be a very educated guess to assume a new iPhone is coming in June/July due to the fact that the previous two have been released around that time. Most Likely at WWDC.
    • Multi-Core processor (Likely)
    • upgraded RAM (Likely)
    • 32GB hard drive, possibly 64GB (Highly Likely)
    • 802.11n Wireless (Almost Definite)
    • AT&T 3G service upgrade to 7.2Mbps instead of the current 3.6Mbps (Highly Likely)
    • upgraded camera to 3.0 or 4.0 megapixels (possibly)

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