next generation of powermacs - when?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Foxer, Mar 18, 2003.

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    Feb 22, 2003
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    With all this info leaking out about the 970, the motherboard, new cinema displays, etc. it seems logical to assume that our dreams will be answered and newer, faster powermacs are coming our way.

    The question is: when? Realistically. This summer would be great, but is that honestly reasonable to expect? I would think that Apple would like to have a major new product like this out by Chirstmas - and by that I mean ACTUALLY AVAILABLE at Christmas. A summer introduction followed by a two or three month "waiting period" would just frustrate potential switchers and kill us.

    Also, does Apple hold the line on costs, or will we see a (significant) price jump. I don't think the average user wants to pay much more than $3000 for a system that doesn't include a display.

    Lastly, can we expect the first wave to be plagued with bugs? I wasn't around for the roll-out of the G4. Was it smooth? Were the prices out of the park initially?
  2. KingArthur macrumors regular

    Jun 15, 2001
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    Most likely the "Fastest" machine would be upped to $3,099 or at least $2,999. Who knows how much the "ultimate" machine will be;). I would bet that they have a fairly smooth rollout. It isn't like the G4 & G3, at least, b/c IBM is also using the chip, so there will at least be another company using the chip, too. I bet we will see bugs with the next couple of OS updates, though, b/c they are going to probably try to get it to be 64-bit native. Who knows what is going to happen, but I just think that we are going to see an iBook update first, and if Apple was smart, I think we will see an iMac update before the PowerMac just b/c they would get a few switchers and they know that it wouldn't jeopardize PowerMac sales b/c the Mac community is going to be waiting for the new 970.

    When will Apple release it? Who knows? They just better not have the backorder that they have with the new G4s and 17" PB. If they do that, well, we can guarentee that Apple is going to have a TON of outcry against it.
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    Re: next generation of powermacs - when?

    The 970 PowerMac will not be a machine for the "average" user. The 970 PowerMac is going to be one hell of a Pro Machine, geared toward professionals. I'd expect the 970 PowerMac prices to start around $2200 and move up to around $4000.

    The iMac is the Apple geared toward the "average" user.

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