Next PowerMac Speeds

What do you think will be the speed of the top-of-the-line next PowerMac?

  • <1.2GHz

    Votes: 3 5.5%
  • 1.2GHz

    Votes: 15 27.3%
  • 1.4GHz

    Votes: 27 49.1%
  • >1.4GHz

    Votes: 7 12.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 2 3.6%

  • Total voters


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Jan 9, 2002
Ha ha haaa!
I'm trying to keep sane on this one, so I'm going for the 1.2, just to match the recent rumors. Anything over that will be a welcome blessing. The bus speeds and RAM is what I wanna see.


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Mar 15, 2002
Winter Park, FL
1.4 seems to be the golden number, and having heard speeds "in excess of 1.2GHz" 1.4 sounds very possible. Just imagine a dual 1.4 with DDR and Jaguar, that would fly! :)



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Jul 14, 2002
i keep hearing that the processors run really hot at anything over 1.2 Ghz, i don't think a dual will happen that those speeds.

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
There's no DUAL 1.4GHz in the poll! :D :D

As much as I would like to say there will be dual 1.4GHz I am just as afraid to doubt it. Think about it. Some of us really want 1.4GHz duals, but some of the more realistic folk expect 1.2GHz dual. Now we are probably assuming that DDR-RAM will make its way into the revision, but what about processor speeds? I don't want to hear myself talk THAT much... :D

But I've made my predictions of 1.4GHz dual for this upcoming Expo and I plan to stick by that until I am proved right or wrong.


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Nov 4, 2001
Kent, UK
Being realistic, i'd guess 1.2GHz for the top line. I'm going to be optimistic though, and hope that apple will do something to impress us all, and go for the 1.4GHz :cool:


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Oct 24, 2001
I just want a real fast single processor G4 to work for protools.
Protools doesnt support dual least i can't find anywhere that it does......
Maybe the new version for X will.......Then I have to buy 1 again.....sigh :)


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Apr 10, 2002
Originally posted by crazy_will
i keep hearing that the processors run really hot at anything over 1.2 Ghz, i don't think a dual will happen that those speeds.
The word is, new G4 chips are here and the run a much lower heat. Before, there was certianly a heat problem with the clocking, that's why we're where we are.


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Dec 3, 2001
I think we'll see a repeat of the second Apollo G4 lineup that was 733,867 and dual 800.

something like :

1Ghz, 256Mb, 60Gb
1.4Ghz 256Mb, 80Gb
dual 1.2Ghz 512Mb, 100 or 120Gb

1, 1.4 and dual 1.2Ghz sounds realistic if heat really is an issue, plus someone overclocked their dual 1Ghz to 1.2Ghz and did some benchmarks shortly after the dual Ghz model was released. it seems realistic to have the second fastest chips as a dual with the fastest as a single. also it would make for a very fair spec across the range, the mid range would be 40% faster than the entry level, more so if they cripple the entry level with no L3 like they keep doing. The top of the range will be faster than the mid range for anything that's dual CPU aware, the mid range will be the most value for money model, especially if you can strip it down like now and make it the same spec as the entry level but with a larger hard drive and the faster CPU.