Next update for macbook pros?


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Aug 9, 2010
So i'm looking to buy a macbook pro, but my friend said to hold on for a few days because he had read somewhere that they usually upgrade the tech in august around this time. Has anyone else ever heard that or heard something like that? I know they just upgraded the mac pros but thats obviously something very different. I just want to know if i should go ahead and order this thing already or stay my hand. Anybody heard anything? Thanks


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May 10, 2007
Go ahead and order it. The only likely update in the next few months is a slight processor speed bump (2.66 to 2.8 for the i7). Sandy Bridge, which are the next processors, won't be in MBPs until at least early 2011.



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Aug 1, 2010
Southern Ontario
te macbook pros update in the spring every year look at the buyers guide on the top right of the forum, its about half way through its cycle, and sandy bridge makes the i7 look like dated processor >_< 3 ghz with 3.8 ghz on turbo boost with hyper threading and a 1 gb integrated graphics card >_< hehe but there is nothing confirmed on either the processors release or the macbook pros release or wether mac is using it, if you want a macbook pro now is a good time for it


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Jan 29, 2010
You'll have to wait till next year for an update of the MBP.

The only update that will come soon is the iPod Touch 4 and the new Macbook Air.
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