Tablets Nexus 10 video, benchmarks and specs (cortex A15, retina display..)

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    Some similarities with the HP TouchPad and Jelly Bean 4.2 inspired by WebOS ?

    The Google Nexus 10 features a Samsung Exynos 5250 processor clocked at 1.7 GHz. It’s a dual-core Cortex-A15 chip that blows the socks off of most competitive mobile processors in benchmark contests. Central to the speed of the Exynos 5 Dual is the ARM Mali-T604 graphics processor, which more than doubles the 3D performance of the Samsung Galaxy S III’s chip.
    Inside, the tablet houses 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. There may be additional storage options available at launch. NFC, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, and a 5-megapixel rear camera are all included.

    Essential to the Nexus 10′s spec sheet is the 10.1-inch display (possibly of IPS variety) with a 2560×1600 pixel resolution and 298.9 pixels-per-inch. We’re told the display is “gorgeous” and reproduces colors more like HTC’s SLCD2 than the Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays.
    Samsung’s used a polycarbonate material on the back of the device that looks and feels like brushed alumnium to an extent. We’re told the device is extremely light and thin. And, the edges of the device were described as rubbery.


    GL Benchmark
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    That's not an amazing SunSpider score, and they're using plastic as faux metal. Fail.

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