NHL App Now Supports CarPlay Ahead of 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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    The National Hockey League this week updated its iPhone app with support for CarPlay, providing convenient access to live radio broadcasts of games from a vehicle's dashboard just in time for the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs.


    The app has a very simple interface that displays a list of the day's scheduled games and start times. When a game begins, options will become visible to tune in live to the home or away radio broadcasts, with no subscription or account required. The score and time remaining are also shown for games in progress.





    This mirrors the experience of the NHL app on iPhone, which has a headphone icon in the top-right corner for accessing radio broadcasts.

    That's it, really. At least for now, the CarPlay app does not feature standings, stats, news, or video, which is in the best interest of driver safety. Just like the MLB At Bat app for CarPlay, this is all about the listening experience. The 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs begin next Thursday, April 10.

    Thanks to MacRumors reader and New Jersey Devils fan Matt Donders for providing us with the screenshots above.

    Article Link: NHL App Now Supports CarPlay Ahead of 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs
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    Even though I don’t listen to sports, I feel like this is what CarPlay is all about. Making it easier for the user to listen to what they want instead of scanning for the right channel
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    Kudos to NHL for not trying to squeeze a subscription fee out off fans. They’ll more than make that up from increased fan/franchise loyalty.
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    Except for some reason it doesn't show all my playlists when I browse music, just what seems to be a random selection of them, not even alphabetically ordered. So I still use the aux port instead.

    On an old car radio, it's the easiest. If you want to listen to sports, you turn one knob – without looking – for max 10 seconds until it tunes to the game. CarPlay still has ways to go to become that distraction-free, maybe by improving Siri. A separate app for each thing will become more and more problematic as everyone builds their own streaming services.

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