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    Im not sure if this is the right place or not...

    So, I bought a Nifty Drive at a local store the other day, and Ive been trying to change its icon to one of the NiftyDrive icons, rather than the default SD card ones. But I can't make it happen, Ive tried .tiff, .png, and .jpg files, and switched them out in the "get info" window of the drive. It mounts just fine, but the icon won't change. Just shows me a Preview icon with the extension type. Ive tried restarting my system every time, but nothing helps.

    Any ideas?

    Edit, I was finally able to do this. I could not drag and drop my desired icon over the existing one in the upper left corner of the "get info" window, instead, I had to use command-c, and command-v to copy and paste it. No mouse action or dragging and dropping would work.
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    Copying and pasting is the preferred method for changing icons, as the drag-and-drop method does not yield consistent results.


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