NIK Dfine 2 not working with C1P

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by JDDavis, Feb 15, 2017.

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    So...I've been using Capture One Pro for a while in conjunction with the NIK (Google) suite. Capture has never stated that they support the NIK add ins but they have always worked just fine with the "edit with" function. C1P sends a TIFF to something like Dfine 2 (noise reduction) and Dfine 2 would save an edited TIFF back to the C1P library.

    It seems that perhaps after I upgraded to C1P 10 Dfine 2 stopped working. When I use the edit with function the image (TIFF) that opens in Dfine 2 is completely black. If I save it returns to C1P as completely black. All the other NIK tools (Viveza, Silver EFX, Color EFX, etc...) still work fine.

    I've downloaded and re-installed the latest version of both C1P and the NIK suite with no luck. Is there anyone out there who has experienced the same thing? Probably not a lot of C1P + NIK users. Just hoping to stumble on a fix. I've always liked Dfine.

    Any other noise reduction software to recommend to work with Capture One? I've demoed Machphuns Noiseless and it works with the edit with function. It's noise reduction seemed really aggressive but you could control it pretty well.

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    DXO one software is the best noise reduction software around. Not sure if it works with C1P or not. You can download a trial version for free to try though.

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