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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by mullermn, Nov 6, 2018.

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    Nov 6, 2018
    So far Nike Run Club’s main effect on my health is to bring me closer to a massive heart attack brought on by getting worked up at the stupid application. There are some nice bits in both the run club and the training club apps, but they are totally undermined by the half-assed implementation of the core functionality.

    Why doesn’t it integrate with Health Kit properly? Some data doesn’t seem to be put in to HealthKit from NRC, and NRC can’t import historical (ie, from before NRC) workouts.

    Why doesn’t it integrate with ITSELF properly? Getting NRC and NTC to correctly reflect what’s happened in the other app involves a plate spinning activity of killing apps and restarting them and hoping they sort themselves out.

    Why doesn’t it integrate with its own watch app properly? Sometimes the watch notices that you have started a workout on the phone, sometimes it doesn’t. Back to the restart plate-spinning game..

    The best features from the Nike apps - the ‘my coach’ customised training plan etc. doesn’t even work on the watch unless you have your phone with you. Nobody on earth buys a £500 sports watch in the expectation that they’ll also have to carry their phone to do anything useful.

    Why did Apple spend time giving Nike all those big sloppy kisses at the keynote if Nike can’t be bothered to actually make the app work properly?

    It’s the Apple/Nike love-in that really makes this a bitter experience. If it was some no-name 3rd party app from the app store then it’d just be another buggy app, but the annoying thing is there are good apps out there that do a far better job of what the NRC/watch integration fails so badly at doing.

    Rant over.

    I think I’ve had it with the NRC/NTC apps, and I’d like an alternative. I’ve already got a few apps that are good for the tracking of the running (Intervals Pro and obviously the built-in Apple workout app). Does anyone have a recommendation for an app or website that can replicate the customised training plan aspect, please?

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    I haven’t used NRC & NTC simultaneously as you mentioned so my inquiries or assistance may serve no purpose but I’d still like to better understand some of your comments regarding the NRC app since I do use that one regularly.

    If I may ask, what data type isn’t being put into HealthKit when you use the NRC app or what type of type of data is it that you are seeking from the NRC app and not receiving? NRC works best for me when I start a workout on my iPhone X. I do remember last year when the AW3 came out, I sometimes could not get them (the Apple Watch and iPhone mirror each other after starting a run on the Apple Watch). With the AW4, starting a run on the iPhone X, immediately starts on the AW4, whereas last year there would be sometimes a delay or either one would show up and the other wouldn’t or I’d have duplicate runs. But I feel like that bug or workaround of starting all NRC sessions on my iPhone X has worked like a charm. Of course you have to run with your phone, but a small waistpack/holster does the trick for me.

    Also did you go into settings in those apps respectively and setup the watch metrics options? I haven’t used the NTC app, but after a NRC update I always go through the settings and make sure Apple Watch tracks everything.
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    95% of the coach on NRC is just telling you how long and how fast (pace) you should run on the day. You can easily remember it and running accordingly with only your Apple Watch.
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    Nov 6, 2018
    I've been back and checked and the situation I was thinking of was actually with the NTC app, not the NRC app. I had one of the core workouts that I did which it calculated calories for in the NTC app, but it didn't push that data point across to HealthKit, though it has done it for various other ones since.

    I've only done two runs with both the watch and the phone with me. One of them seemed to work OK, the other didn't trigger the watch.

    Yeah, I see what you're saying and I'm glad that works for you. What's disappointing is that the whole benefit of getting the watch was supposed to be getting back to running without a ton of technology and devices strapped to me. Compared to a few years ago when I used to run with a phone, wired earphones and a heart rate chest strap a run with just the watch and the airpods is so much better - hence the frustration that Apple and their flagship partner are being a little disingenuous about how well this works.

    To give Nike credit where it's due, I sent them a message via Facebook about how to interpret the instructions I was being given for one of the runs (basically, 'what does '200m | 7 reps | 3’42” avg. pace | 2:00 rest' mean?) and their support were very quick with a very helpful response.

    A point against Nike is that having now had the explanation ('Run 7 reps of 200 metres [fairly obvious] and distribute the 2 minutes rest wherever you like over the run, with the whole lot averaging to the target pace') I have absolutely no idea how I should have worked that out from the instructions in the app. It's another example of what a mix of quality bits and poorly implemented bits it is.
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    Thanks, that's helpful. I've been trying to find descriptions online of what the different runs actually are so that I can go and run them with a different app and just link them to the Nike apps, but there doesn't seem to be any written explanations anywhere and they're not necessarily completely obvious (see my previous post to CaptMarvel).

    Do you know, if it's an interval type run, like the speed run, and I do it in either Intervals Pro or the built in workout app, will the nike app correctly analyse that data afterwards?

    Basically the major thing I want out of the Nike apps is the training plan that automatically adjusts to your level. As long as all that works I'll happily run with other apps, I was just not sure whether the Nike app was going to do something cleverer with the data if it gets it first hand.
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    Jun 24, 2010
    For 95% of the run that is not complicated, that it basically tell you to go run for 4 mile at average pace of 7 for example, I just use NRC on my watch to run because it has voice feedback and you can see all metrics easily. And it will let you check off those runs on your course when you finish. (Once it’s on your phone it will ask is this the run for today)
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    I'm not 100% sure this meets your specific needs for "customized training plan", but WorkOutDoors has customizable alerts and targets for pace/speed, heart rate, cadence, and supports intervals. Displays are also massively customizable. A lot of data can be imported and exported with Health. There is good iPhone integration.

    I think it is significantly better than the Workout and NRC apps. I encourage you to look over the feature list to see if it meets your needs.

    On a side note, if you are into mapping and routes, it is in a league of its own. In fact this feature set puts the AW in the same ballpark as multi-hundred dollar dedicated running smart watches such as the Garmin. It would take me way too long to explain how much better this is than anything else, but look at the reviews where people have taken the time to write it up.

    At $5 with no IAPs or subscriptions, it seems like an absolute steal. And up to six person family sharing on top of that too.
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    Nov 6, 2018
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    I have a love/hate relationship with NRC since the beginning. It is painfully slow to launch on the iPhone, Nike stopped supporting it on their website about six months ago and sending them feedback is futile. I bought the S4 Nike watch so I can leave the iPhone at home and lighten the load but the speaker is still not loud enough when there is light traffic on the road. I've been trying not to subscribe to Strava but I may reconsider if Nike doesn't introduce more features soon.

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