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Discussion in 'iPod' started by i0Nic, Sep 15, 2008.

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    Hey guys. Currently I have a shuffle for my running and gyming needs. I find it annoying I can't choose different playlists with the shuffle depending on which activity I'm doing (running or lifting) so I'm thinking of getting a nano.

    I also really want to get in on the Nike+ system.

    Before I get a nano, I'd like some input of people who own or have owned these accessories to get a comparison. I may decide to just keep the shuffle for running and use the Sportband instead of the nike+ipod system. It seems easier in that you don't have to worry about dongles you just strap it to your wrist, which is a lot easier than strapping an armband on.

    Not sure which one to get, are there any quality/accuracy issues that set them apart? Anything else I should know? I'm assuming they both work the same, just that one requires a nano and obviously you can listen to your music as you run (although I can do the same thing with the shuffle).
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    Well It would be very logical to get the nike+ipod system considering you are looking to upgrade to a nano. This is because the armband and sensor kit is $59.99, while the kit for the ipod nano is $29.99. So if you were looking to get a nano and get into the nike+ipod system the +ipod would be my suggestion. I just got the Nike+ipod system for my nano and i love it. You will not be disappointed!.
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    I have both the sportsband and the iPod nano for running. It all just depends if you want to listen to music or not when you are running. :cool:
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    Accuracy-wise, there seem to be equal complaints about them on the Nike+ forums and it can be a little hit and miss.

    If you're considering a Nano anyhow, then it would make sense to go that route to Nike+. IMO having a screen to give you feedback and that you can glance at for immediate info makes life easier.

    Only thing I'd say is to see whether you can pick up an old Nano anywhere. The new one doesn't feel quite so nice in the hand (the edges felt 'sharp' when I tried it) and you might want to check out how you turn off the 'shake to shuffle' feature since otherwise you could be listening to some odd playlists!
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    I use the Nike+iPod and find it works great. Having the ability to know your distance, time, calories and pace is great and the ability to select playlists and have power songs is even better. My favorite feature is the voice feedback though. Really nice not having to look at the screen.

    The accuracy of the distance and pace can at times be off although having an average is good enough for me.

    An arm band really helps, though watch out as the Nike+iPod armband allows sweat to enter the case and iPod. I'm able to solve the problem by placing the armband over my shirt but I'm still a little worried.

    A great combination all together. I word recommend it.

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