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    With the introduction of the 2nd generation iPod Touch, Apple revealed that Nike+iPod was built-in. As a result, new iPod Touch owners need only to buy the shoe transmitter in order to use the running-aide.

    Unfortunately, existing iPod Touch owners and iPhone owners will be unable to use the new software due to a lack of the proper receiver. Nike+ uses a "proprietary low-power 2.4 GHz radio" and the existing dock-attachment is not compatible with the iPhone:

    Owners of the first-gen iPod touch, the iPhone and iPhone 3G are locked out, because of the technology required to connect the device to the receiver in your shoe without using the standard dock connector dongle. Apple also said that even if you shove in the dongle to the unsupported devices, nothing will happen

    We would hope that Apple would release a version compatible with the iPhone, but there has been no suggestion that they will.

    Nike+iPod is a system that allows runners to track their running process through the use of a special in shoe sensor.

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    Um... you pretty much have to be arn to create new "news" threads...

    There's already a thread on this, anyway. Post there.
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