Nike+ Site Losing Runs from Nano

Discussion in 'iPod' started by natasha69, May 8, 2008.

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    If you go to

    and go into the forums you'll find a lot of very disgruntled Nike+ customers. It seems the problem is now with their sportsband as well (not nano), so the smell looks like its coming from Nike.

    The problem is over a year old, and Nike plus seems to magically just lose runs. The loss is somewhere between syncing the nano and the website. Once your run is on the website it remains there. However lots of people see the runs on their nano, in various forms (history, but not current workouts, etc) but the runs never make it to the Nike+ website. Quite frustrating for me as I did my first 10k in a while this last weekend only to run into this "bug". More frustrating for the crazy 18 mile runners on that site.

    One of Nike's employees offers a manual upload solution, but his user is now inactive and nothing is posted with regards to this solution. Is this the same type of support that we can expect for the new rumoured Nike full workout application for 24 hour fitness and the iphone/touch??

    If anyone has found a solution to this, definitely would appreciate the info posted here. Nike+ is giving me no love at all, along with the majority of its users. I hope the Apple community can come to Nike's rescue.
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    check your private messages. There is a "solution" but it involves the potential for greatly unethical behavior. :)

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