Nikon D7000 Aperture preset anyone?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by flosseR, Jun 22, 2011.

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    Ok, I am not trying to do any self marketing etc. I noticed that when importing Nikon d7000 NEF's into Aperture they all get applied a weird base profile which makes them look somewhat .. pale. Nothing like when importing through Capture NX or View NX. So, I took some time (several hours) in comparing the colors etc. and adjusting the settings in Aperture to match the Nikon product import fairly closely.
    I wrote about the testing and how to import and use on my site (in the signature), but if you just want the file, its a zip located here.
    I am using this preset during import and on older imported RAWs and it makes the photos look much better from the get go already. Yes you are right that you can do that anyway in the adjustments but that takes time and the results are not consistent.
    I checked it against 20 random samples in my library and when the RAW files get applied this preset they match the CaptureNX output much closer... at least for me.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share. I'd appreciate no direct links to the file, it did take some time to make it. Again, this will make your pictures more poppy from the start but you can adjust afterwards and it might not be for every image either, if you want to achieve a certain pale effect.

    PS: as i wrote in the article about this preset, the system was color calibrated and I used the same screen but split windows to adjust the settings.
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    Thank you for that preset. I recently moved from a D90 to D7000 and was noticing that something didn't seem quite right in my imports (whether shooting in RAW or JPG). That helps a lot.

    As a side question, do you have any other presets that you like? I'm always looking to grow the presets that I have at my disposal.
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    Thanks for the preset! It helps a lot but is there any way to fix the import color profile or color space setting to read correctly in Aperture? I just started using the D7000 and would like Aperture to be my main application but the ViewNX2 really does reproduce the color better but with less editing options. I hope the answer isn't keep aperture and do a ton of post production to come somewhat close to what I saw or use ViewNX2 learn a whole new application.

    All of the colors are affected but it seems to be blues and yellows/oranges are the biggest problem

    I have attached some samples that are labeled in the file name.

    The most puzzling thing is it isn't consistent on all images. Some have the shift in color from the camera preview to the image that is made in Aperture and some stay consistent.


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    Great Adjustment Preset

    Thanks for sharing, it really does improve my D7000 raw pics.

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