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    Presenting one of the most creative and original games ever to hit the app store: "Ninja, Please! (HD)". "Ninja, Please!" is the only game that educates as well as entertains it's players in the lost art of verbal warfare (aka: trash talking, talking smack, insult kung-fu).

    With its beautifully animated 2.5D graphics and simple but intuitive controls, this insanely addicting game is destined to be a cult classic.

    The premise behind the game is simple: evil ninjas are attacking you and they want nothing more than to take you out -- except nail you with a perfectly timed zinger *before* they take you out. Players have the option of fighting these evil ninjas with assorted guns, various magic spells, but the most fun method: the insult.

    Imagine a ninjas is about to attack you, how would you respond in the following scenario:

    Evil Ninja: "I can't even begin to describe how disgusting you are"

    A) You're stupid!
    B) I am rubber, you are glue
    C) That's what you get for not finishing the sixth grade
    D) You're even MORE disgusting!

    In "Ninja, Please!", choosing the right comeback may mean the difference between life and death.

    With it's photo realistic gameplay and unusual sense of humor, "Ninja, Please!" has been tagged by various game blogs such as SlidetoPlay as an
    "under the radar", sleeper-hit.

    Half off for this first ipad release -- this week only

    Note: iphone 1.0 version is already out, 2.0 is currently being reviewed and is a huge update.

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    More Screenshots here:
    Official Website



    Unofficial Trailer
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