Ninja, Please! (Out now!)

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    Ninja, Please!

    In a nutshell, an arcade/action/puzzle game where you have to fight off a bunch of ninjas that are trying
    to kill you - with guns, and with really nasty insults. (My homage to the Monkey Island legacy) Are you
    clever enough to talk trash with the best? Are you man enough to face down hordes of angry ninjas?

    Yes it is against the rules
    Free Promo code if you ask for it on this thread (that's not against the rules is it?)

    Find out, in the first installment of "Ninja, Please!"

    iTunes link

    Official webpage:

    Obligatory Facebook page.

    Arcade Life review

    • over 20 levels
    • over 50 jokes (some of them funny!)
    • in full color!
    • never hardly ever crashes!
    • with sound!






    Video Trailer here:

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    sorry to the guy that asked for a promo code, i tried to email it to you, but it got bumped back for some reason. twice.
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