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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by kitki83, Apr 17, 2007.

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    Well I was told today I need to get the adapter to the Wifi function for Nintendo DS. I thought as long I have a Wifi ISP I should not have a problem. I tried to get a connection but DS would not recognize my wireless. Can someone explain to me how WiFI works in DS and future Wii?
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    They might have told you to buy the WiFi adapter because your access point is not compatible wirelessly with the NDS. On the Nintendo WiFi site, they list the compatible hardware (routers/access points) that are known to work with both the NDS/Wii. The main things I have helped folks out on the Nintendo forums were: set the router/access point to mixed mode (B + G), set the wireless channel to 1 or 11, and use a compatible encryption mode that works with both the NDS and Wii.

    Here are a couple of links on the Nintendo support pages:

    Maybe this will help answer your question. :)
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    Most of the problems I have had with the DS's are due to the fact that they only transmit at 1 or 2 MBPS. Some wireless routers don't like downshifting that low unless they are forced to. I have had absolutely no problems with the Wii and WiFi.
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    Also your router has to be either not protected at all, or have WEP. Having WEP is just like having nothing though...(SOOOOOO easy to hack).

    Wii is compactible with WPA.
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    Simple - use a MAC address filter and hidden SSID. Wouldn't that be impenetrable?
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    Here's my settings, which work for both my DS Lite and my Wii. I'm just listing the important things to note.

    26-digit WEP key.
    Channel 11.

    Using the long WEP key is what made it work immediately.

    Anybody want to know anything else?


    EDIT: By the way, it's on an AirPort Express.
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    I also have a problem with the wi-fi connection on my Nintendo ds lite.:(
    I have a wireless modem,but when i select my address they say: We don't login into a modem with a password.
    Can anybody help me please?:confused:

    Laurens ( a dutch name, because i am dutch so my english isn't very good sorry)

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