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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by reisy, May 11, 2010.

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    May 11, 2010
    I have hacked my apple tv and put nitro tv on it. I have several movies on my computer in .avi format that I want to play. This is the main reason I put nitro tv on my apple tv. When I go into nitro tv it finds my computer but then an APF error comes up. Does anyone know how to fix this or if I have to do something on my computer.

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    Well, first off, it's a common mistake to call it NitroTV, but it's actually NitoTV... No 'r'. (And it's AFP (Apple Filing Protocol), but who's being picky? :p )

    Have you run, in Nito, the Smart Installer? That should take care of most issues. In the past I've had to go in with SSH and run some command lines to enable sharing like that afterward, but it seems the last time I did a complete wipeout/reset and started over, I didn't have to do that again.

    Are you sure that sharing is enabled on your host (movie) machine, too? You don't specify which error number you're getting, and different errors mean different things (some mean trouble on ATV, some mean issues with the machine you're trying to reach).

    Another troubleshooting step is to see if you can see the ATV with file sharing from your computer. That'll at least let you know that things are making it through the router properly. Note that user/pass to log into ATV is frontrow/frontrow.

    Other references: iClarified on enabling AFP
    And there's AwkwardTV, too, if you can find your way through the maze there.

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