nMP 2TB SSD options. Are there any?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by wesk702, Feb 27, 2015.

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    Mostly using my computer for music production and some video work. Would really like to up my SSD to 2 TB ant the same or better performance than the current 1TB SSD. Any options?
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    Jun 19, 2014
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    "The benchmark results above obviously show that the Aura SSD for Mac Pro is not as fast as the factory flash storage (except when it comes to small random reads). Yet when it comes to real world pro apps like DaVinci Resolve, exporting and playback functions we tried produced the same elapsed times as the factory flash blade. That's because those functions are CPU and/or GPU bound."

    In many practical uses, it's not a huge difference. You're already still getting far faster speeds than conventional SSDs or mSATAs.

    For he cost I'd say an external option makes more sense, but I wouldn't swear someone off the internal just because of those benchmarks.
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    Compared to the new SM951, those 2TB drives are running at half speed.

    As soon as they become more widely available it is going to be a hard sell to pay that much for slow speed.
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    Dec 20, 2014
    very happy with 2 TB upgrade

    I have one, for a couple of months now, very satisfied with the 2 TB, replaced the 256 GB that came with the unit, and I have also been able to re-purpose that drive with the included accessory enclosure.

    Yes, on speed tests it is slower, such as the Blackmagic, but in real life, it is about the same for video processing, image processing, etc. I also upgraded to 64 GB RAM from OWC and between the two, have great performance.

    I am very satisfied with the value of the purchase. By the time it makes a difference, will need the next model MBP 2016.
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    Apr 5, 2015
    quality of OWC nMP SSD upgrades

    Has anyone had any problems with the the OWC nMP (late 2013) internal SSD upgrades?
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    Are you planning on selling SM951s for the nMPs?
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    I had a problem with the 2TB Flash SSD; within the first few days, I could no longer boot up the machine. Going into Disk Utility via my Yosemite USB install stick, I found that the drive was messed up --- it showed up as two 480GB drives. Also keep in mind, that these drives are some kind of RAID; hence, you cannot use the OS X BootCamp utility to install Windows on it.

    Anyway, OWC was very professional -- they paid for return shipping and refunded my money.
  10. araine, May 18, 2015
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    I have this for my nMP - 2TB SSD. As a studio musician, I can personally vouch for it. It is pricey, but so much worth it. Not slightly as fast as the original APPLE SSD, but it still flies. Check out this:


    It boots in 6 seconds. Loads Logic in 6 seconds also. I put all my regularly used heavy AU Instruments on the SSD: (BFD3 / Superior Drummer / Sable / Orchestral Strings / Native Instruments / East West).

    Then all my not so speed-critical stuff (itunes, audio sample library/ archived Logic projects) on a huge external drive (have a Thunderbolt 4-bay External Casing hold 4x2TB standard 3.5 SATA HDD - just for storage)

    Working with clients with the SSD is unbelievable. Zippy, quick, No messing around. It is pricey, but at $1479 it is less than 50c per 1GB. (i am in UK and use poudns by the way, so with tax it's a little more expensive). Don't settle now for halfway and opt for a lesser 512GB or 1TB. Save up a bit more for the 2TB as a long-term 5 year+ addition to your workstation.

    But definitely worth it for Audio Production. I promise. You won't look back.

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