nMP 3rd party SSD?


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Mar 7, 2013
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Have you consider external SSD on Thunderbolt? Lacie has nice offerings


As fast as internal.
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Apr 22, 2003
Contact your favorite Apple Service Provider and ask for a 1TB replacement SSD for your nMP.

I imagine they exist for warranty replacement in case you are unlucky enough to have a failure in your nMP.

I also imagine it might cost $$$ + an arm and a leg :D

As mentioned in the other thread, LaCie has the Little Big Disk v2 which has 2 x 512GB PCIe SSD inside. This has been shipping for a few weeks and is purported to be the fastest/smallest Thunderbolt2 storage device with up to 1375 MB/sec thruput. Out of stock now according to their web store.

Slightly slower and shipping for a few years is the Thunderbolt 1 version of the Little Big Disk SSD which delivers just over 600MB/sec when configured as RAID-0; there are 2 SSD versions available: 512GB and 1TB. The latter is the version with 2 x 512GB SATA SSDs inside. So happens that a bunch of 2x256GB=512GB SSD refurbs are available here:

There are also a few Rugged Thunderbolt SSDs available that also have USB 3.0 connections so the drive can be used with computers without Thunderbolt ports.

Though the nMP uses similar technology, in the Little Big Disk v2, the PCIe SSDs used in LaCie's standard M.2/NGFF edge connector pinout is different from Apple's proprietary edge connector. So only an Apple or yet-to-be-designed 3rd party expansion SSD would be required.


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Aug 13, 2011
Thank you all - yes, need to keep it quick but affordable for fast tethered shooting, OWC i'm looking at you.