nMP 6,1 Dual Screen Setup NEC PA271W - Cable Planning

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by WillyWoo, Jan 23, 2014.

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    Jan 12, 2014
    If you have a dual monitor (or more) and a nMP on order you may want to plan out the display cabling.

    One of the advantages I was looking for with the nMP 6,1 was the ability to run multiple monitors at high resolution. In my case two 27" NEC at 2560 x 1440 each. The NEC's only have a DVI and Display port connection (Display port seems to be a bigger version of mini display port.)

    Since the nMP just arrived I used the cables I had at hand - one Mini Display port to Display port which works fine. I plug that into the MacPro TB connection directly, not at the end of a thunderbolt chain. The second cable I had was HDMI to DVI which I should have better checked out - its limited to 1920 x 1080. Its my understanding that DVI is the limiting factor.

    I didn't have any other mini DP cables handy (I live in the boonies) and also I want to utilize the HDMI port rather then use another TB port (I need them for external drives).

    To fix the display resolution issue, I now have a HDMI to Display port cable on order. Hopefully that should resolve this issue.

    Since I run the machine for fine art printing, I need supper accurate colour managed workflow thus the NEC's. After waiting two years for Apple to release this thing, I am still waiting for cables to make it work.
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    I Got two NEC 27" multisync PA271W, amazing monitors! so much better for me than the apple 27 I use at work. I have ordered 2 of these
    Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable

    By the way on my mac pro 2009 I use a miniDisplayPort to DVI and run at resolution 2560 x 1440 so I thought it would be HDMI that's limited not the DVI!
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    Where did you find that? I see lots of Displayport to HDMI, but never HDMI to Displayport.

    I was under the impression there's no such thing as HDMI to Displayport (without an active / expensive converter box).
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    This won't solve your problem, but "dual link" DVI will certainly drive those monitors of yours. "Single link" is limited, as you say. But dual link is not.

    If the adapter you've ordered doesn't do the job, then try to find HDMI-->dual link DVI.

    I hear you about the boonies.
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    Ack. I think you miss-fired with that order and should have picked up another mini-DP to DP cable, to match the first one you have. Any mini-DP to dual-link HDMI connection is going to require a device in the way to provide extra power for the conversion. That power is usually taken from one of your USB ports. You can't just convert DP to dual-link HDMI without adding power (and you want dual-link so you can get more than 1080p).

    Overall, it's a very inelegant solution. Just stick with mini-DP to DP.

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