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    So I ran Luxmark 3 benchmark and got an expected score of 16,668. But I noticed something that I wasn't sure about. In the right side where it shows the dual GPU's, it shows a clock speed of 725 on one of the GPU's and 150 on the other. Is this right?


    Also ran Cinebench and scored 78.61 FPS.
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    I am pretty sure that's just the reading of 2nd GPU's idle frequency. When you stress it, the frequency will increase.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 02.03.21-1.jpg
    When you running the test, you can enlarge the windows a bit (or scroll down), then you can see the contribution of the GPU 1 and GPU 2. In my case, I have my 2nd GPU in a x4 slot due to cooling reason. So, it's a bit slower than the 1st GPU. And you can see that the GPU in a x16 slot contribute 52.7% and the GPU in a x4 slot contribute 47.3%.

    In your case, you should see something similar (may be more close to 50/50). As long as the ratio make sense, then I will assume the 2nd GPU is working correctly, and won't care about that 150MHz reading.

    Anyway, Cinebench won't use the 2nd GPU, and basically testing your CPU's single thread performance (NOT GPU performance).

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