nMP Cinema 4d, and AE in the "real world"

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Johnsyounger, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Johnsyounger macrumors member

    Nov 3, 2013
    So I think I have roughly 7k to spend on nMP. I have searched the net extensively and found very little "real world" info about the nMP as it directly relates to After Effects and Cinema 4d. Im going w 32gig ram , and a 512 boot drive, but what I'm not sure is the amount of cores or GPU. 8 or 12 vs 500 vs 700 GPU. Render speed is important as time is money. Will I get more out of 8 core and 700 or the 12 core with the 500? My guess is 12 cores, just due to render time, but I'm not exactly sure if some load is moved to the GPUs.......
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    No offense, but it just came out yesterday so I'm not sure what you're expecting. There isn't much "real world" data for anything yet.

    Give it a week or two and we'll start to see more info on how it actually performs, but early returns are good for FCP which bodes well for After Effects. And your GPU will have no effect on render times either way.
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    I thought you had some blooming benchmarks when I saw this thread! :eek:
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    I use the same programs plus some audio and design apps and I went with the 8core, the D700s, 1TB SSD and 32gb Ram. unfortunately it was almost 8k with tax though. So a bit over your budget. If you are going to skimp on something skimp on the RAM because you can upgrade it later when you have more cash. I'm guessing you will be able to upgrade the SSD as well but not 100% on that. Video card upgradeability is anyones guess right now and you will use those a lot for what you are doing so I would get the D700s if you can.

    Really for rendering nothing is going to beat the 12core but obviously when you are working on comps in Photoshop a slow single core speed will suck and besides the 12core is over 10k.

    As to which will perform better, 8core d700 vs 12core d500, the 12 core isn't in your budget so its a moot point. That being said I would still go with 8 core and d700s primarily because I think the vid cards and ram are going to help speed up your workflow more than the additional cores overall. If you are like me you do a lot of your large renders when you head home for the night so you don't tie up your workstation and in that case 12 or 8 core won't matter as long as its done in the morning right :)

    Keep in mind this is just my best guess. I suspect it will be awhile before we see any real data from sites like Barefeats.

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