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    I have the 8 core D700s nMP
    I'm currently running two 2560x1440 displays, each running on a separate TB bus. I also have two RAIDs running on the other bus.
    Would it be possible to add a 4K display to this configuration ?
    If so, what would be the best bus to put it on ? Would it have to be the bus the RAIDs are on ?

    If doable, I was thinking of mounting it on the wall above my two other displays and use it to preview 4K videos, either before or after editing. I do a lot of other work where I need dual monitors and having them be different resolutions is really a pain, so I would like to keep my two originals and add the 4K as a playback device.
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    Each bus can drive a single 4K DP 1.2 display (or pair of normal DP displays) and provide a x4 PCIe data connection. So, I would put each of the displays on their own bus. I would then split the two RAIDs up and put one on each bus with one of the low res displays. This would ensure no contention.

    For example (using the Apple bus/port numbering):
    - Port5 - Main Display
    - Port6 - RAID A
    - Port1 - Secondary Display
    - Port2 - RAID B
    - Port3 - 4K Display
    - Port4 - Unused

    It doesn't really matter what specific buses and ports you use but you may have noticed that to get repeatable display configurations on startup you need to have your main display on a lower numerical bus than your secondary display which is why I suggested the above order. (At least this is how I need to do it)

    EDIT: If you don't need 60Hz for your 4K display (video playback only) you could get a relatively affordable TV like the Seiki 39" and run it off the HDMI port.
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