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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by puckhead193, Apr 4, 2017.

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    So for the last few days i've been experience this graphic issue. It comes up in messages.

    What could the cause be. I took it to apple and they said that it's not the graphics card. They tested the machine and it came back fine. Checked it in for the stress-test and it passed. He said it might be software but i don't by. He said because it's coming up in a screen shot it can't be the graphics cards.

    I had one of my D700 replaced about 2 years ago. Could the other one be failing.

    Any ideas?
    Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.30.00 AM.png
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    It seems you're convinced it's your hardware, despite what they said at Apple. Why do you distrust their analysis?

    It looks like the Messages app can't properly render the messages. If there was a problem with the graphics card, you wouldn't see it just inside that part of a single app's window.

    It's like saying your TV is broken because one channel out of 1,000 has a scrambled picture. If all the other channels look fine, it's not the TV, it's the channel.

    Did they suggest that you reinstall OS X? If they did, is there a reason you don't want to?

    There are a few tests I'd make before deciding to reinstall OS X. I'd hope Apple already did them:

    First would be to boot to Safe Mode, and see if you can duplicate the issue. If you can't duplicate it, some bit of software that was disabled by booting to Safe Mode is the likely culprit.

    If you can duplicate the issue in Safe Mode, boot into a different user account (such as Guest User) and try to duplicate the issue. If the issue does not happen in another user account, it's likely that some of your user preferences are messed up.

    If you can duplicate the issue in all these tests, then the next step is to reinstall the operating system. It's faster and far cheaper than replacing a graphics card. (Would you rather go to the expense of replacing a graphic card only to discover that the problem hasn't been solved?)
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    Check console for error logs. If they are MCA errors or GPU resets then you know it's hardware related. If it is just messages.app, then try reinstalling the OS or at the very least rebooting and doing a diagnostic at boot
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    The D700s are notorious in the video post-production for graphics rendering issues, earning this model the "Trashcan" moniker. Latest suspicion is that the graphics cards are not being throttled back properly under load and are overheating. Apple is even running a replacement program for the affected cards, but most people have the same glitches even after replacement.

    Your issue may or may not be related; it a hard to imagine how iMessage would even remotely stress the GPU. Just know that the graphics glitches are endemic to the D700s.

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