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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by rzakarian, Nov 19, 2010.

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    First I just want to mention that I'm pretty new to iOS dev and also to using a mac. When reading a certain tutorial online they mentioned that for one of the things I needed to do I had to have the "ad hoc" active configuration selected. However when I click on Active Config in xcode I don't see that option, I only see debug and release. How can I get it to appear?

    So this is what I have:

    This is what I need:

    Thank you!
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    Create a new configuration as a copy of the Release config, name it Ad Hoc, and change the code signing in that config. Also add an entitlements plist to just that config.

    The reason for this is that if you modify your Release config (compiler optimizations, preprocessor defines, etc.), your Ad Hoc and Distribution configs should be exact copies of your personal customized Release config (except for the code-signing, of course), and not any built-in default.
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    Also found this:

    Create Ad Hoc Build Configuration in Xcode
    Creating a custom Ad Hoc build configuration in Xcode is the easiest way to associate your new Ad Hoc distribution provision profile (cert) with the build packaging process.

    To create an "Ad Hoc" build configuration in xcode:

    Create a new Build Configuration for Ad Hoc
    Project > Edit Project Settings > Configurations
    Highlight Release configuration, you will copy this and use it for the Ad Hoc configuration.
    Duplicate > Rename
    Rename configuration from Release copy to Ad Hoc.

    Create a new Entitlements.plist - required for Ad Hoc builds (skip if done already)
    File > New File > iPhone OS : Code Signing > Entitlements
    Name file Entitlements.plist
    Set Entitlements.plist property for Ad Hoc build
    Resources > Entitlements.plist
    make sure get-task-allow is unchecked (disallow gdb attach)
    Set Ad Hoc Build Configuration Build Settings
    Project > Edit Project Settings > Build > Configuration : Ad Hoc
    Set the following build settings for this Configuration:
    Code Signing Entitlements
    Set this property to Entitlements.plist, including this file in the Ad Hoc build configuration.

    Code Signing Identity > Any iPhone OS Device
    Click and select the Ad Hoc provisioning profile you installed
    eg "iPhone Distribution : Your App Name"

    Save new Ad Hoc build configuration
    File > Save

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