no airport on imac after first leopard updates


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Feb 10, 2006
Western Australia
I upgraded my iMac G5 from panther to leopard which went perfectly, everything worked just sweet.

Last night I did a software update, there were updates for remote desktop, ilife, and a keychain/login updater that required a reboot.

upon reboot, I now have NO airport.

inspecting the logs show that the AppleAirPort2.kext isn't loading.

I cant even load it manually.

Unfortunately this machine is in a location that absolutely requires that it have wireless (my kitchen).

I'm screwed, I guess I'll have to do a complete fresh re-install :(

any ideas? I'm really scared to do a software update on my leopard MBP now!


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Dec 9, 2006

this same thing has also happened to me. I installed leopard.. everything is fine. Then I did the software update and BLAMMO.. after restarting, NO MORE AIRPORT, it says. what the hell !!!

anyone else?? i will call applecare tomorrow.
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