No AppleCare rMBP Owners: How Have You Fared?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by theturtle, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. theturtle macrumors 6502a

    Aug 3, 2009
    So my warranty is ending this saturday and im hesitant on paying the 240 (student discount) for applecare.

    For the people who are out of warranty on their 15" retinas, how are you faring? No big repairs?

    (this thread is opposite of "is applecare worth it" threads)
  2. kh3khalid macrumors regular

    Dec 2, 2012
    Well, did you face/are facing any problems with you MBP since you bought?
  3. theturtle thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Aug 3, 2009
    Not yet but most of the threads I read always mention how two-three months out of warranty, they always faced some problems.

    I do understand that thats not the norm but was just curious.
  4. kh3khalid macrumors regular

    Dec 2, 2012
    I guess you can't really tell or get even a fair percentage of people who either have perfectly working machines or faulty ones.

    But the thing I'm sure of is that when a retina macbook has a problem at some point, the repairing costs are going to be huge, because most of the parts are soldered to one board.

    If I was in your place and I had the money I'd just go and get AppleCare. We have a saying in arabic "Buy your peace of mind" :D
  5. marvin4653 macrumors regular

    Jun 11, 2012
    Valuing the cost of any type of insurance is necessarily a question of probability of loss and extent of that loss. Unless you can get access to repair statistics for a significant population of Retina MBPs, I don't think the few anecdotal experiences your post might attract are going to be helpful. Probably more important for you is the question of your own risk tolerance. Could you afford to pay a significant amount of money to repair your computer if it needs a repair? If not, the $240 outlay now may be a good idea simply because you wouldn't be able to accommodate an out-of-warranty repair.
  6. UBS28 macrumors 6502a

    Oct 2, 2012
    I didn't buy Applecare for the 2010 15" MBP and it's fine. Never needed any repair. I probably won't buy Applecare for my new 2013 rMBP 15".
  7. bobr1952 macrumors 68020


    Jan 21, 2008
    Melbourne, FL
    I waited until the last month to decide and did end up going to the Apple Store to purchase Apple Care for my rMBP--always the chance it will be one of those things that you never need unless you don't have it--but since so many things are integrated on this machine, the peace of mind for another 2 years is worth it to me.
  8. PDFierro macrumors 68040

    Sep 8, 2009
    If you haven't had any problems in your first year, then chances are you won't down the line. Yes there are people who do run into problems a few months out of warranty, but they are the few.

    At this point, I think it's a matter of how much longer you plan on keeping your Mac and whether you can afford to pay how much AppleCare costs.

    Everything is integrated on the rMBP, so if one thing fails then so does the rest. But Apple machines are such well-made. Sure they do have problems, but most ones are going to be fine.
  9. agentx macrumors member

    Jul 20, 2009
    I am a sysadmin and manage lots of computers.

    Get Applecare for Retinas or it will be an expensive pretty looking Aluminium slab if anything goes wrong. They are not like previous Macs where you could upgrade change components & fix things etc. I know it is just insurance really buy hey you can't fix these things.

    We have had about 7% so far going back to Apple for various issues and it is NEWish tech so we don't know what is going to happen to the Flash storage yet etc.
  10. mcbrided macrumors newbie

    Aug 22, 2009
  11. Chuck-Norris macrumors 6502a

    Sep 17, 2012
    if u can afford a retina macbook, u can punch out a couple hundred for apple care :mad::mad::mad::mad:
  12. ipodlover77 macrumors 65816


    Jan 17, 2009
    Difference between affording and wanting to spend money though.
  13. johnnylarue macrumors 6502a

    Aug 20, 2013
    I didn't get it for my first PowerBook G4, which chugged along without issue for about 7 years until its second owner ran it into the ground.

    My next one was a 2010 17" MBP. This one had slightly buggy GPU switching on it--which would result in a few seconds of weird video glitching when turning it on from cold. It wasn't a deal-breaker, but worried me enough to get Apple Care just to be safe. Didn't really need it in the end.

    But these new ultra-slim models are virtually unfixable. I'll definitely be getting it for my new rMBP, provided I'm not compelled to sell it and upgrade again before the first year runs out...
  14. CausticPuppy macrumors 65816

    May 1, 2012
    I never got Applecare for my 2009 macbook pro, the only issue I had was the flickering display (finally fixed in 2011 by a firmware update) and the battery which I just replaced with an Anker one from Amazon (yay, removable batteries!)

    My 13" rMBP warranty just expired last week. I didn't get Applecare because Amex covers the laptop for an additional year. If I have any repairs I'll file a claim with Amex and get reimbursed.

    I plan on selling it next year when the Broadwell machines come out.
  15. Chuck-Norris macrumors 6502a

    Sep 17, 2012
  16. theturtle thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Aug 3, 2009
    Whoa dude. Relax.
  17. joec1101 macrumors 6502a

    Jun 29, 2010
    So Cal, USA
    I did not purchase Apple Care and just shy of two months out of warranty, my 2012 15" rMBP screen developed a bright spot right in the middle of the screen.

    The screen is about $650.00 to replace. If I could go back in time, I would have purchased Apple Care, which is $350.00 for this machine.
  18. sandylp macrumors regular


    Jul 10, 2004
    San Francisco Bay Area
    This is my 5th Apple computer, and I have always purchased Apple Care, but have never used it. For the rmbp, however, I got it because The retina screen is relatively new. I have read that it doesn't have any glass on it for protection and could be easily damaged. Not sure if this is true, but didn't want to take the chance. The previous post is a good example!
  19. jetlitheone macrumors 6502a

    Sep 16, 2012
    Yep. Always use AppleCare. Otherwise you can possibly get an expensive brick
  20. DannyDrama macrumors regular

    Aug 30, 2009
    Well I dunno about the OP but I'm sure convinced!
  21. alphaod macrumors Core


    Feb 9, 2008
    If you don't think you need it, don't get it.

    For me it's just the piece of mind even though I hope it never breaks.
  22. nerfologist macrumors member

    Jun 14, 2013
    Mid 2009 MacBook pro, sensor kaputt 1 month after warranty expired (only 1 year warranty at the time).

    I'd get Apple Care if I only had 1 year warranty, but since I have 2 years I'm still thinking about it...
  23. jdaniel macrumors 65816

    Mar 21, 2009
    Lviv, Ukraine
    Huh? You know apple care can only be purchased within 1 year right regardless of what gives you 2 years warranty, as far as I know
  24. nerfologist macrumors member

    Jun 14, 2013
    I'd purchase AppleCare for the new machine (as seen in my signature), not for the old one, obviously.
  25. BL4zD macrumors 6502

    Sep 22, 2010
    He probably bought it with AmEx or something that gives an additional year of warranty.

    keep in mind, though, that applecare is much more than a manufacturer's warranty. it's also a service agreement.

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