No artist names in Remote App iPad


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Jun 17, 2015

Hoping to meet some real Apple geniuses here ;-), for a solution to a long standing problem.
I have a problem with the Apple Remote App (on iPad mini 2, iOs 8.3) in combination with iTunes 12 on Windows 8.1. I have a large music library of 2000 + albums on this pc, all tags labeled correctly and all album art present.

Since the update to iTunes 12 all the covers and artist names have disappeared from my 'album view' screen in the Apple Remote app on the iPad. This is driving me nuts, one, because I'm quite OCD about my music collection, and two and more important, because I have to guess which album belongs to which artist. When I switch to 'artist' view, all the artist names are nicely listed though. Since the last Remote App update in April the album covers sort of came back, still really slow in loading though, but the artist names are still missing.

So far...I have installed iTunes from scratch, removing all libraries, I have reset my iPad to factory settings, searched high and low on fora, but no change or solution.
Anybody out there with the same problem or better still, with a solution to get the artist names back in Apple Remote App?