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    Oct 26, 2013
    I could not find proper words to search another post/solution on the internet, so here I am!
    After coming back from my Bootcamp session back to my Mac session, I realized that for a very short (1 second) period of time, my audio froze ! It happens repeatedly (like it would freeze every couple of tens of seconds); it is annoying (especially on Skype) and kinda scary actually ("is there a serious problem with my audio card?" I ask myself).
    Oh, i just tested (like literally right now), those times where it repeatedly happens coincides (does that word exist in english?) when I am on a Skype call. If you want me to try with games and stuff or whatever, I will.
    Thank you so much !

    EDIT : YES it has definitely something to do with Skype calls! Only while I am in a call that happens.

    EDIT, Take 2 : In case it was not clear, ALL audio from ALL applications freeze during the bugs
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    Oct 26, 2013
    Problem SORT OF resolved !

    As I have been mostly (sorry, exclusively) on my BootCamp session, I have only realized it now, but the problem is actually the TERRIBLE update to Skype at the beginning of October that caused many problems to many people (check it out on the Skype forums) INCLUDING that weird sound problem.
    To sort of resolve it :

    Go into your preferences and turn off the auto-update crap. Uninstall Skype version (from Oct 2013). Download version (from March 2013) -- I downloaded it from here:

    Thanks to ast_2639 of the Skype forums ( for the solution !

    Good luck, hope it works for you too if you have the same problem!

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