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Jan 4, 2012

So, I am quite a bit desperate with my problem... Let me explain it quickly...

I recently bought a MacBookPro (Intel iCore5, 2.4 GHz, 4GB RAM with OS X Lion), and well, suddenly the audio stopped to work. I mean, neither iTunes nor Skype nor Firefox/Safari produce any sound/audio. All that still works are the various "Mac sounds" (not sure how to call them. for example, when I receive an e-mail)...

I read a bit about similar issues on various forums, and I tried all the given solutions there (check Audio MIDI-settings, use Garage Band, update software, make hardwarde test, etc.). And that is why I am here now, helpless and desperate.

Well, I hope I explained myself...

I would highly appreciate if someone actually could help me with this problem. Many many thanks in advance.

Take care all!


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Jun 8, 2007
Orange County, CA
Funny, I just bought a used MBP i5 and had the same problem. At first, I thought maybe I got a little taken cause I didn't check the sound but I remembered sound working when I was looking at it.

I looked through forums and found that people were talking about some red light connection in the headset jack on the MBP and they were putting a paper clip in to reset it.

Then I found someone say to just plug in and unplug the speaker or headset connector a couple of times.

That worked for me and I have not had a problem since. Hope it works for you too!


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Apr 10, 2012
No audio/sound on macbook pro

Hi, I had the same issue... Found this
It explains, what you dicovered Sparkomatic, that it's to do with the micro switch in the headphone socket.
It gets jammed and still shows a red light meaning the laptop still thinks something is plugged in.
Their solution is lightly, yes lightly, spraying some WD40 in the socket and then gently inserting and pulling out the headphone jack a few times, until the sticky micro-switch is sticky no more.
Now I'm not taking any responsibilty for people messing up their headphone sockets, so please read their article and take care.:D
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