No Backlight after replacing lcd on 3gs

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    Jun 15, 2010
    I dropped my phone in the lake. More than 12 hours later I miraculously found it at the bottom of the lake. I figured there was no way that it would ever work again but I had nothing to lose so I left it in a bag of rice for about a week. Then I plugged it up and to my surprise the bright white apple lit up, but I could see that there was still moisture in the lcd screen so I immediately unplugged it and put it back in the rice for another few days. But I decided that it would dry best if I removed the lcd from the digitizer. So I did and in the process managed to crack the lcd slightly, but I figured that if the phowith a litne worked I could live tle crack. A few days go by and I plug the phone into the charger, waited for 30 minutes until the battery had charged enough for it to turn on and the phone worked! I could make calls, text, surf the internet, everything worked except the backlight. The screen was really dim. I tried changing the brightness settings with no luck. So I tried taking it apart and connecting all the ribbon cables again to make sure the were fitted in properly. Still the screen stayed dim. I thought that it was a problem with the lcd, either from the water or when I cracked it. So I decide to invest the $30 it costs to buy a new lcd screen and just replace it. When I put the new lcd in the phone worked almost perfectly fine. The screen was bright and I could adjust the brightness. Phone calls, text messaging, internet, ipod, email, every thing worked fine except the proximity sensors. When I would make a call the screen would not turn off when I put the phone to my face, causing me to press buttons with my face. I figured that the problem was probably due to those sensors being submerged for more than 12 hours but I thought perhaps it was just a bad connection and if I reconnect the ribbons it would start working. So after multiple hours of again having a perfectly functioning iphone (well almost perfectly functioning) I took it apart. When I put it back together the screen was dim. I have taken it apart and put it back together multiple times now to make sure that the connector is plugged in correctly and still I have the dim screen. The screen worked perfectly for hours before I took it apart so I feel that I might have shorted something, but I dont know what. Any ideas/solutions?
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    Mar 20, 2010
    When you put it back together, the backlight function probably shorted...unfortunately this can't be fixed.

    We see this more often in the 3Gs, then the 3g

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