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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Jiggy1965, Apr 18, 2013.

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    I've just updated to Mountain Lion and added my twitter account in Settings. Now I've noticed that in the Notification Center options unlike all other apps there, twitter has no checkbox for 'Badge app icon' and 'Play sounds when receiving notifications'. Just the one for the 5 most recent messages. So while the other apps have Badges, Sound, Banners under their name, Twitter just has Banners. Is this normal? The reason for checking that out was that I noticed that upon receiving a Twitter message, no sound was heard, just a notification center message. So I wanted to turn sound on for Twitter in the notification center, but apparently their isn't an option to turn in on. I've seen screenshots with Twitter having Badges, Sound, Banners. So were these options perhaps deleted in Mountain Lion's recent version?
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    That's because Twitter isn't an actual app on OS X. If you want notifications you need to download a Twitter app on the app store.
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    You are correct, I have the same issue. Did you do a clean install or upgrade install to Mountain Lion? It only happen to me on clean installs of 10.8.3. On my previous HDD I had 10.8.2 that was upgraded to 10.8.3 and always had Badges, Banners, & Sounds. I've been searching for a resolution for a few days now but haven't found anything other then a few posts like this.


    This is incorrect info. Mountain Lion Twitter and Facebook integration into Notification Center gives an audible alert as well as a banner or alert. What the OP is talking about is a known issue but we have yet to find a fix.
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    After several hours of research, including testing on several VMs and floor model laptops at the Apple Store I've found the answer, but it's not good news....

    10.8.3 removes the ability to have sound & badge options. Under the Notification name (both Facebook & Twitter) you will only see Banners or Alerts (depending upon which one you select). It will no longer say Banners, Badges, & Sounds. Likewise on the right side, there is no option to check/uncheck sound or badges. It's just been removed from 10.8.3. And to boot, you will only get a visual notification, no sound notification like all others in the Notification Center.

    I hope it's just a bug and will be returned in 10.8.4 because no audible notification for Facebook or Twitter is not going to work. Apple please give us back this option.

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