"No bootable disc in drive"

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by MoodyM, Jul 30, 2010.

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    Last night I used Boot Camp to create an 80GB partition and installed Windows 7. For some reason Windows wasn't running very well (loads of errors, etc), and since I've previously used Windows 7 via Boot Camp on this very Mac without a hitch I thought I'd boot into OS X, use Boot Camp to delete the partition, use Disk Utility, etc, to clean up my HD, then try the whole thing again.

    Problem is, every time I boot my Mac now I get a black screen with the message "No bootable disc in drive, please insert one and press any key to continue". The message is very Windows/DOS like.

    If I hold in Option while booting, the only option I get when the menu comes up is "Macintosh HD". If I select this, OS X boots fine.

    It's as if the MBP is still choosing Windows as the boot option by default, even though I used Boot Camp to remove it.

    I've removed Windows via Boot Camp several times in the past, and never had this issue.
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    It probably is still set to boot to Windows by default. It does that during the install process.

    Check that Startup Disk in System Preferences -> System is set to Macintosh HD when you are booted to OS X.


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