No connection through wifi or network until restart.

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  1. NameUndecided macrumors 6502a

    Mar 28, 2011
    Hi. This has happened to my iPhone 6 twice [that I can clearly recall] within the past month. Maybe more in the few months I've had it.

    I'll find that my phone suddenly isn't connecting to anything, whether loading the app store or in a web browser or checking my mail. Not that it goes incredibly slow, but that it just isn't receiving any data at all, and will stick on a spinning [loading] circle on and on.

    I'll turn off the wifi and find that the same is happening over LTE connection even while the connection is said to be fine. I'll put it in and out of airplane mode, and/or turn off-and-on the data connection. But nothing seems to fix the issue until I turn off the phone and restart it.

    This is a really cumbersome thing primarily just because I don't enjoy having to re-enter my passwords in things as is required the first time you sign in to stuff after a restart.
    But it's also annoying because it takes me a few minutes to determine that this is what the problem is and that restarting is my last resort. So it would just be nice in general if there was a quicker fix to this than a full reboot.

    I've no idea what the inciting incident could be for this issue. It's weird to me that it's seemingly not a fault of the wifi or the network connections, since they are equally affected at the same time and signal shows strong on each.

    ¿I wonder what it could be? Big thanks for any help.
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    Reset network settings, otherwise a full reboot I'm afraid. I've just had something similar.
  3. NameUndecided thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Mar 28, 2011
    Thank you. I'll have to remember to try that next time.

    I imagine I'll need to reenter my home wifi password and any other commonly used wifi passwords next time I go to them? If that's the case, I suppose just a restart really would be the better option.

    Is there any other information I would have to reset after resetting my network settings?

    I'm really curious as to what could cause this. Just out of the blue the phone isn't able to take in any information from either wifi or cell.

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