No driver for HP PSC 1315?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by ajvizzgamer101, Oct 26, 2008.

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    I have a Macbook Pro 10.5, and the computer that is connected to the printer is a Dell with XP on it. My goal is to make it so I can print document from my Mac with out hooking it up to the macbook itself. I was successful with another printer hooked up to the same Dell Computer but I can't find the driver for my HP PSC 1315 All in One Printer... I tried downloading them from HPs website and if I got lucky and it did download I tried installing it and it said it was complete but It seem it did nothing.
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    This question has been asked and answered too many times to count--and that was last week! Your printer is supported by the Linux Foundation's OpenPrinting project. You can find the driver here.
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    I'm sure what is confusing you is that print drivers on OS X are different from drivers on Windows. Because there are two driver programming methods (APIs) - Carbon and CUPS. Carbon is the old, carryover from OS 9. Everyone except Brother has continued writing their drivers using Carbon. In Carbon, they get to specify which comm/connection protocol is enabled in the driver. The driver provided by HP is a Carbon, USB-only driver. To use the networking protocols, provided by CUPS in OS X, you need to use a CUPS driver. Gutenprint (included in OS X) is one example of free CUPS drivers. hpijs is the other family of CUPS drivers that supports HP printers. Get the 3-part hpijs from:
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    download all three items, and run the ghostscript and the foomatic before installing the HPIJS driver. This allowed my Macbook OS X 10.5.8 to print wirelessly to a HP PSC 1315 ( I used the 1310, same series) which is connected to my Sony PC which is connected to a netgear router.
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    getting scanning to work too

    I found a way to make scanning on the HP 1315 work on Mavericks, though it wasn't very easy.
    Basically I used the open source Linux drivers from HP itself together with SANE. It works very well.
    I wrote my complete notes on this wiki: SANE

    This process could be made simpler, though, mainly by having a mavericks package for HPLIP

    The above process can easily be mimmicked by more advanced users and developers to create a more convenient scanning app and sell it on the app store..

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