NO EMAIL from MobileMe for almost 2 DAYS? HELP!

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  1. Lunchbxer2 macrumors newbie

    May 7, 2011
    I hope someone can help me -- or at least weigh in with a possible opinion/solution...

    Yesterday morning I started not receiving any emails in my Mobile Me account. Then I received a couple of them -- about 2-3 hours AFTER they had been sent to me. Finally, around 3pm, I received ALL the rest of my emails in one big bunch.

    Well -- last night, it started happening AGAIN. I was able to chat with Mobile Me Support (after an hour wait) -- and after trying to figure out the problem, and finally having me wait while they "investigated further" -- the guy came back and told me that there were server maintenance issues. He apologized for my emails being "in queue" and added a free week of Mobile Me service to my account.

    It's now the next day and I STILL HAVE NOT received a single email since yesterday. Not on my computer, not on my iPhone, nor even on my email box at!!!

    Does anyone know HOW LONG this can go on???? Is anyone else having this issue right now???

    My wife is getting all her email just fine -- no issues whatsoever.

    Is there ANYTHING that I can do??? I'm nervous that I'm missing out on an important business email -- and someone is thinking that I'm just ignoring them!!!!!

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!! :(
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    welcome to mobileMe. bend over and hang on

    in all honesty mobileme is generally consistent, but when they go offiline it can get real bad. I accept it for what it is and bite the bullet
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