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    My Sims 3 game keeps crashing and I read that overheating might be the cause and that getting a fan controller may solve the problem. I have a 2010 model 15" aluminum mbp, 2.66ghz, 4gb ram, running 10.6.5. For some reason, none of the fan controllers (smcFanControl, Fan Control, iCyclone) I've been able to find will work. smcFanControl at least installed and opened but changing the fans rpms didnt do anything (edit... reinstalled, it revs the fans for a second then goes right back down). Fan Control seemed promising but after it "successfully installed", it was nowhere to be found. After that, I reset my smc cause it said i may have to after installing these and tried iCyclone but upon opening stated wasn't supported by my computer so that was a bust.

    This is the last option to try to fix this crashing problem so any help would be great. Thanks
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    Fan Control manifests itself as a Preference Pane. A rather annoying one in SL as it is 32 bit and requires System Prefs to relaunch. :rolleyes:

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