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Discussion in 'macOS' started by ic1, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. ic1 macrumors member

    Feb 21, 2005
    Started PB on mains but switched to battery as mains power is a bit ropy here. Machine was slow to start but normal but when the wallpaper painted all normal menubar stuff on right appeared but not on the silver Apple menu bar and I had a beachball instead of the normal cursor. Looked pretty nice actually but indicated Finder had not started. Sure enough, when I clicked the Finder icon on the dock it would not respond.

    Other apps and applets were OK so started Terminal, from the dock, and repaired permissions and tidied up the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. Should have done both last software update a couple of nights ago but didn't. All indications normal (except that both tasks seemed to take a longish time).

    Closed Terminal but still had beachball but no Finder. None of the keyboard shortcuts for shutting down would work. Thought to jolt it a bit so closed the lid but machine would not go into sleep. Hmm, reopen lid and within 30 secs, screen blanks and machine sleeps. Watch pulsing light and think . . . close lid, watch pulsing light, open lid and screen comes on - Beachball but no Finder. Also couldn't open a second account I'd made for testing purposes either - wouldn't accept the password.

    Well, its a laptop so out with the battery, wait a minute or two, reinsert battery. Press power button, get bong, everything comes up normal. Repair permissions again, do the periodic maint again, run thru keyboard shortcuts that didn't work before - all work. Restart, then delete and reinstall second account.

    A couple of questions: The power in this part of the world is very dodgy. I'm running on battery because when the machine is plugged into the mains I get a very noticeable vibration, not a shock, thru the body of the computer. Don't get it at work where the power is pretty well conditioned. Will this hurt the machine eventually? Has anyone else had this problem and noticed it to be the precursor to more serious problems?

    Any comments are welcome as long as they don't include the suggestion that I should visit an Apple store or certified repair shop - they're a long way away.

    Lessons learned (which is why this is in the software not hardware section) is to run Repair Permissions both before and after a Software Update. Second is that this forum is a lifesaver. I used the Common Keyboard Shortcuts from Diatribe's Mac Starter Guide. It was great help but on a Powerbook (this version anyway) Control-Eject brings up the Shutdown dialog box, not Control-F12.

    Usual apologies for length of post but hope it helps someone.
  2. chris curran macrumors newbie

    Jan 5, 2005
    hope you don't mind me replying but i noticed that you had problems with finder not responding but you were able to work your dock. I am having similar probs but im on an emac did you say you have got yours working now. I'm relatively new at this & ive spent two days already getting nowhere. My other user ac work with finder its just mine that has a problem.
    I cant log out & when ishut down i get a white flash across the screen not sureif this means anything though.
  3. ic1 thread starter macrumors member

    Feb 21, 2005

    Yes the PB is working normally now, thanks. The problem though, wasn't that Finder did not respond, it was that Finder did not load (I assume). Everything else seemed to be present and working so I was able to troubleshoot in Terminal which I had placed in the Dock else I'd have had a lot more trouble (no Apple and no left-side menu choices).

    I'm totally unqualified to give you advice or analysis. The best I can offer is a couple of observations: 1) If you are using the eMac to post here, the machine is working; 2) You are using the 'good' account to control the machine (start, manipulate, shut down). Therefore you might consider deleting the problem account, repairing permissions, restarting, then reestablishing the account.

    Before you do anything though check this out:

    If the troubleshooting and hints in the above post don't help and you need further assistance, re-post but include whether you have made any changes preceding your problem (software update, changed OS version, added/removed an app or hardware).

    The white flash on your screen may be unrelated to your software problem. Coincidences do happen. Did you notice the flash before you had the account problem? If you fix the problem account and the flash persists, you might want to look for help in one of the hardware sections. Its a bit of an orphan here and easy for one of the gurus to miss.

    Good luck.

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