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Discussion in 'iMac' started by DaddysMac, Jul 22, 2012.

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    My 2009 iMac does not show any firewire ports in System Profiler. When I plug in an old iPod that is firewire it charges but is not seen in Disk Utility. I was hoping to restore that iPod but think the hdd is bad so that is no longer important. But what is important is that when I attach a mac mini in target mode my iMac does not see it. I then used my install disk to use Disk Utility and it sees the mac mini in target mode. Is this a software issue? I had previously installed Firewire SDK in hopes of recording from my DVR. I could never get it to recognize the DVR. Did I cause an issue with the firewire port? Can the firewire port be reset? Can the Firewire SDK just be put in the trash to fix the problem? Do I need to re-install SL?
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    See this thread:

    Your problem sounds very much like one I had on a mid-2010 MacBook Pro.

    My problem first appeared, then was "fixed" by a motherboard replacement, then appeared again and persisted for an entire year -- UNTIL I chanced to use the MBPro to install a developer copy of Mountain Lion onto an external drive.

    Somehow, the process of doing that once again fixed the laptop, and it now reports that the firewire ports are once again present and working -- even when I boot from an OS -other than- ML!

    I -sense- that the problem is in the EFI boot firmware or somewhere else that is very "low level". Perhaps some kind of "identifier" that tells the OS at bootup that the computer that's booting does in fact have firewire ports, after which the OS loads the proper drivers for same.

    Other thoughts:
    - Try a PRAM reset first
    - Try a SMC reset (you'll have to research how to do this)
    - If neither of the above work, try a Mountain Lion install. That's what worked for me, and I wasn't even trying to fix the problem.

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