No iCloud for XP users... what a tragedy! ;-)

Discussion in 'Apple Music, Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Services' started by joelovesapple, Jun 10, 2011.

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    I liked the fact that I could mount my iDisk on Windows NT systems at work, a convenient way to transfer files from home.

    Shame that this feature will be lost.
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    I _know_ that statement is totally incorrect.

    There are many national & international large scale fortune one thousand companies that are running very successfully on Windows XP Pro SP3. That's just on the client side.

    Conversely, there are many thousands of research & development engineers, still innovating with it. The statement above suggesting XP has somehow slowed innovation is a reflection of a lack of knowledge.

    We're not talking food that goes bad & spoils. We're talking one of the most successful version of the Windows OS ever. Love it or hate it, those are the facts.

    Generally it's a good idea to speak from a position of knowledge and experience before risking looking foolish by being wrong.
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    While I believe that XP is definitely old enough that it should begin losing the support of new technologies, I do weekly encounter people and businesses that still employ it.

    That said, if someone is still using a personal computer with XP then I suppose chances are that they shouldn't miss the desktop related features of iCloud.
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    even microsoft has stopped supporting windows XP with IE9 and windows live 2011.

    Windows 7 is brilliant, been using it since first beta and it's the way forward. i'm still undecided about windows 8, i think i'll prob not use that new start screen alot, but we will see.

    alot of people i know have changed over to windows 7, even the small company i work for, who are years behind the times, are now switching to 7. It's what Vista should have been

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