No image on Epson EB-W12 projector

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    Jan 31, 2016
    Used a WD TV Live media streaming for years on my Epson projector EB-W12.

    Purchased an apple Tv 4 as finally NAS video streaming is possible via eg Infuse and without jailbreak.

    At unpacking and initial setup I got the setup menu displayed fine. When choosing the Screensaver I noticed the colors weren't right and unconnected reconnected my HDMI cable. Since that moment only blue screens !.

    Connected to a pc screen it works fine. I choose 1024x768 as resoulution via the PC screen displayed menu (projector is going up to 1280x800 and is supposed to do auto-downscaling on resolutions up to 1920x1080)

    My (Belgian) Telenet setup box is 720p and works fine, my WD TV is also in 720p and works fine as well...
    Same for my Sony BluRay. All connected on a HDMI Switch.

    Tried different inputs on the switcher and also HDM wall connection without switchbox. Projector is not directly accessible (cable wise)

    Tried different HDMI cables including expensive Avinity one.

    I used Menu and volume buttons together for 5 seconds as proposed on the support site and noticed the apple tv 4 changing resolutions.

    Either the projector displayed : no signal or unsupported..but at the end : BLUE screen : No signal !

    Any ideas ?
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    Jan 31, 2016
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    Did some further digging...It seems that the apple TV4 has a problem with long (even good quality) HDMI cabling setup

    Using cable from ATV4 to switch, cable from switch to HDMI wall outlet, in wall cable 7mtr to the projector .

    All my other devices, sony bluray, local provider TV box, 4y old WD TV Live streaming mediaplayer, Traxdata mediaplayer, PC (Toshiba, asus, sony) accept the length (+/- 10mtrs) ATV4 doesn't !!!!!???
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    Jan 31, 2016
    HDMI repeater solved the problem... A pitty however apple needs it as WD TV Live doesn't.
    Adding €30,- to the total price...

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