No iPhone Antenna Issues in Canada

King Luis

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Jul 3, 2008
from what i've read and seen (videos), i think it depends on where you are. and when it does drop, it's only 1-2 bars. seems like canada has a strong network compared to att. too bad i can't get mine yet.. :( stupid low fido stock.


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Jul 6, 2010
Guelph ON, Canada
its the same phone with the same "issue"...I can make my bars dance based on how I hold it but it never goes to no service or anything like that. its a non-issue in most place in canada since we have a half decent infrastructure to work with


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Oct 2, 2007
Rhode Island
Yes as we probably should know by now that death grip attenuation problem lies on both the design of the antenna as well as the kind of signal you're getting. Since AT&T signal strength is generally poor, it's easy to drop the bars and worse still, if you start with low (2-3 bars) you can drop the signal altogether...


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Dec 19, 2008
London Ontario
In my basement where I get low signal it drops. When I was outside it does not.
I could force it to drop by cupping my hand and holding it awkwardly... So pretty much the same as my last phone. I figured that Canada wouldn't have an issue :)
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