iPad No list view or titles for iPad movies?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by patent10021, Apr 24, 2013.

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    I have a lot of movies/TV shows (actually video tutorials) on my iPad and oddly enough all the shows/movies don't have titles so there's no way to know what you're playing until you play the video. All I see is a grid of 12 shows. All the thumbnails are the same because they use the same cover I set for them in iTunes.

    Is there not even a Show or Artist list view on the iPad? Seems ridiculous. I see Store on the left, TV Show & Shared in the middle and Edit on the right.
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    Hmm, no problem for me, I maintain the ID-tag in iTunes (get info) and go through them one by one. There are titles for me as they should be.
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    Apr 23, 2004
    Maybe you are misunderstanding. Here's my movies main page. Only covers, no titles. I have no way of knowing what the shows are by covers alone.

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    You need to check the information for these videos in iTunes. Go into the "Get Info" for one of them and you'll probably see a blank field where the video title should go. If you enter the title here, and resync, the title should show up on your iPad. If you manually added the video, you'll need to re-add it.

    That's what nebrot was alluding to.

    And there's no list view; just the view you're seeing, but you could have titles underneath each icon if the info is included in the metadata.

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    Apr 23, 2004
    I have checked ALL iTunes info/tag settings. I even put the titles in ALL tabs/fields just for testing incase I was missing a field and nothing.

    I think this is just how the iPad displays TV Shows. It's not very smart.

    So what I have is what I attached above. Tons of shows with the same covers and no way to tell what show is what because there are zero titles.

    Very lame!

    EDIT: Oh look! See! No go! Soooo stupid.

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