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Jul 6, 2012
I attempted to upgrade (clean install) last year to El Crapistain and iTunes 12.2.3 or higher. However, one major issue held me back: with every version after a clean install, iTunes eventually no longer allows me to do anything where a login prompt is required. I can go to iTunes Store, but if I click on Account or anything else that wants my credentials, no login prompt will come up. As a result, I can signin, authorize or deauthorize my account on the computer, buy anything, etc. As a result of this, I downgraded to 10.10.5 and I don't have any of these iTunes login issues--it is only on iTunes 12.2.3 or higher and El Capistan. I do some mobile development tinkering and now that Xcode 7.3 only works on 10.11.x, I would like to upgrade.

I have had this problem--and tested it--in each version from 10.11.0 - 10.11.4 and it is still there for me. Typically it works for a while but then, without any software changes, it stops working within a week or two after a clean install.

Note that I use iTunes for my own local music (no Apple Music service), podcasts, iTunes U and iOS syncing with no iCloud use or backup.

I have tried quite a few things and none of them have worked--I have tried:
  • Create a new OS account--still can't login to iTunes
  • Delete existing OS account and recreate it--still can't login to iTunes
  • Create a new iTunes account--still can't login to iTunes
  • Delete all iTunes preferences--still can't login to iTunes
  • Delete all Safari preferences, cookies and website data--still can't login to iTunes
  • Logged into iCloud (even though I don't use it for anything on my Mac)--still can't login to iTunes
iTunes working properly is critical to me--if I can't get it to work, I will stay on Yosemite until my 2013 MBA dies.


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Jul 6, 2012
Got a new Macbook Air (in case they discontinue them at WWDC 2016). Set it all up with FileVault2, CS6, Office 2011, etc. No issues, however, I did disable System Integrity Protection (SIP). Its running 10.11.5, 8/i7/512.

Once I everything else set, I started up iTunes 12.4 and tried to Sign In/Authorize. All attempts are STILL failing. No long prompt, no nothing. I was, however, able to installed iTunes 12.4 and log in via a Windows 10 VM running in VirtualBox on the same MBA.

I have put in a post on Apple's support forums--nothing. I scoured Google and nothing. At this point, I am about ready to give up on Mac. Its a sad day when Windows works better than Mac, and being a Unix/Linux guy, I would rather not switch (again), but it is really starting to look like I don't have a choice here.


Oct 11, 2015
Did you try this?
Remove the SC Info folder
To work properly, iTunes needs the SC Info folder on your computer. You can authorize your computer to play your purchases if you remove the folder. Then, let iTunes recreate it.

Remove the SC Info folder in Mac OS X
  1. Quit iTunes and any other open applications until only Finder is open.
  2. From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, choose Go > Go to Folder.
  3. In the window, enter /Users/Shared/SC Info, then click Go.
  4. If Finder isn't already set to column view, set it. From the menu bar at the top of your screen, choose View > as Columns.
  5. Find the SC Info folder. Click and hold it, and drag it to the trash.
  6. Restart your computer.
  7. Open iTunes.
  8. Authorize your computer. If you have multiple accounts or Apple IDs, authorize your computer for each account.
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