No longer an option to add to library or playlist

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    Mar 6, 2012
    Hi Guys,

    Been using Apple Music since it was first released. I used to search for new albums/songs on my iPhone, tap the '...' to bring up the menu and select the 'Add to library' or 'Add to playlist' option in order to add the songs to my library/playlist (and then download them for offline listening).

    I no longer have these menu options. I can still play the tracks (streamed) but the only options under '...' are 'Play Next' and 'Add to Up Next', along with hearting and sharing icons.

    What's going on? How can I add new tracks to my library? This has only happened in the last few weeks.

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    Mar 6, 2012
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    Seems to be a bug that I managed to fix.

    I confirmed that I had iCloud Music Library enabled, and restarted the iPhone, still no option to add to My Music or a Playlist.

    I ended up disabling iCloud Music Library and then re-enabling it (replacing what was on device). This fixed the problem, though meant I had to redownload all my offline songs again. Hopefully this is help to anyone else who has the same problem.

    6 months on and Apple Music is still buggy as hell. As most people here I am a huge Apple fan, but this is by far the most disappointing product I've ever had from Apple. Problems on top of problems.
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    "Add To Library" was taken out of the menu and is now done by tapping the + symbol (I believe it's been this way since iOS 9.1.)

    (see image)
    - Red circle is where you would tap to add the whole album.
    - Green circle is where you would tap to add just a single song (after tapping on the "..." for that song.)

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    Mar 6, 2012
    I should clarify - there was no + symbol at all until i toggled iCloud Music Library off and on.

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