No Luck, HD Compatibility for Macbook Pro Mid-2009


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Feb 21, 2015
I bought a 1TB 7200 RPM HGST 2.5" Hard Drive for my Macbook Pro Mid-2009. After an install of Yosemite, a number of read/write issues, I sent the thing back for a replacement being told at apple it was likely defective. Again, I did the same, seemed to work fine then the same issues. Eventually, a technician told me that 1TB drive wasn't compatible with the MBP Mid-2009.

Does anyone know anything about this? I just bought a 500GB drive by Hitachi, 7200 RPM and am worried it isn't going to work either. So far, I haven't been able to get the computer to recognize the HD, but I'm going to take it to the Mac store to try to install Yosemite and see what they can pull up.

Can the MBP mid-2009 run a 7200RPM drive? Is it likely the HD that is broken or do you think there is something broken in the hardware? All these visits have been pretty inconclusive.



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Feb 5, 2011
Sounds like the drive cable or its port on the logic board is having problems, or maybe you're simply not reinserting the cable fully back into the port.) There should be no reason why you can't use that 1TB drive at all (or the smaller one either, for that matter.)


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May 16, 2013
Kansas, USA
I'd recommend trying a new hard drive cable. Those things are really flimsy. The good thing is they're pretty cheap on Amazon. There should be no reason why a standard hard drive isn't working. There was definitely a 7200 RPM option back in the day. Also, I have a 500gb 5400 RPM drive in my mid-2009, so size shouldn't be a factor.