no matter what from address i select emails are from only one address

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by macgrl, Apr 3, 2010.

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    No matter which from address I select in mail the email that are sent only come from one address. This address being one of my own domain which is accessed via imap from google apps in mail. No matter what other address I select from be it a address (or alias) or another address those that receive the email see it as from this one address. I have checked the preferences and it is set to send from address account of selected mail box.

    Any suggestions as at the moment I can only send emails from one of 6 accounts in mail.

    Many thanks
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    You're selecting addresses here?

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    Jul 17, 2008
    Thanks for your reply. Yes that is where I am selecting the address. No matter which of the 6 I select the person that receives the email see it as from just one certain address
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    Ok, so this is an update to the situation. I can send emails from my .mac address and .mac /.me aliases and they appear as sent from the actual address that they were sent from.:)

    I have a normal gmail address via imap and emails sent from this appear as sent from it when received:)

    I have isolated the problem to my own domain email in mail which is imap'd to mail from google apps

    I have 3 email addresses for my domain., and

    Through googles apps these each have there own login when accessed on the web and I haven't set anything so that they appear sent from the main account (at least I don't think that I have and also I hadn't been playing around with any settings.)

    The only thing that I did initially was to change the settings in prefences > composing so that the default account was and not to send from the mailbox that was selected. Since then this is when the problem arose so I then changed it back to send from the selected mail box.

    However it was my understanding that no matter what these settings you could override this and manually select the from address when composing.

    Anyway, even deleting the account from mail hasn't stopped the problem.

    All emails that I send from any of the three appear as sent from

    I have gone as far as deleting from mail, and still any emails sent from two@.. or three@... appear from this one@...

    Could this be a server issue? As in the server that is used to send out emails from mail appear to be for the two.. and three..?

    I am very confused! lol

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