No "Mobile Documents" Folder??

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    I'm getting a serious headache from this issue. I'm trying to find a simple way to annotate my textbooks and keep them synced between my macbook and iPad. After days of struggling with this, someone finally suggested on here to get PDF Expert and sync my textbooks using iCloud instead of Dropbox because the latter takes ages to upload. I followed the steps, turned on iCloud on both devices, moved a file from PDF Expert and now I can't find it on my Macbook. Turns out I don't have some folder called "Mobile Documents". I have OS X 10.8.5. I googled and found out a few people have the same issue.

    Is there an easy way to fix this? I don't understand programming and really don't have the time to go look for someone to fix this AND pay the extra change. At this point I'm just contemplating going back to the brick and stone method and print all my textbooks and carry them with me to classes.

    Sick of this... any ideas?! Please?!
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    IMO (and a great deal of others from reading around) Dropbox sync is still way better than anything. As soon as I edit a doc in my Dropbox folder on my Mac it's updated very quickly on the server and also my other iOS devices. A tip is to star (thus make 'favourite') on the iOS devices those files you want stored locally at all times on them. (the non-fav'd ones will need to be downloaded from DB servers on opening each time).

    iCloud is generally much more trouble and much slower, as Apple's 'Core Data' syncing (essentially the programming code they use to sync data between devices) is still too flaky.

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